Our vision of being the leading Integrated Business Solutions Provider led to the development of an optimal organizational structure to tap the values and synergies available within the Company. We have the expertise and equipment to handle Marine support services (Cargo Vessels, Rigs, Barges, Tug Boats, Offshore Service Vessels etc



Our experience in providing oil services, such as equipment leasing, dates back to 1999. We are able to provide dredgers, oil vessels, smaller machines etc. By being a one stop energy centre, we envisage a long term customer locking relationship that will provide fuels, lubricants, chemicals and gas for automobiles and domestic uses.



Agriculture has become the only hope for ECONOMIC RECOVERY, FOOD, SOCIAL SECURITY & EMPLOYMENT in our Nation. Laudo Nigeria Limited is increasing food production, employment creation and an event process of creating some form of social security by increasing commerce.



We have the right expertise and machinery to handle any Dredging Job. Our Dredging activities include: Stockpiling, Sweeping, Channelisation, Reclamation/Sand Filling. We undertake supply to oil rigs and installations as well as to offshore in conjunction with our technical partner. We do offshore delivery and bunkering services.



Laudo Nigeria Limited provides logistics for tanker-chartering services to a range of major national and international oil companies. Its primary operation routes are within the West African sub region and Nigerian coastal waters, however, we have the capacity to access products from Europe and beyond. Due to our trading activities, we use the services of vessels on a regular basis.



We handle building and civil engineering works ranging from design, procurement, installation, commissioning to maintenance of any building and civil engineering project anywhere in Nigeria. We programme our work to suit our client’s need and boost our corporate image, services and excellence. Where necessary we partner reputable firms to execute projects.



With the high demands in housing and Developments spreading across different Cities & Towns. Laudo is investing massively in Real Estate to meet these needs. We buy/sell, Service/Maintain properties (Lands, Houses, Office and Warehousing Facilities). We also build and Furnish.